Working to Plan a New Year’s Eve Party

I have to start thinking about this New Year’s eve really soon, because my boss has decided that company is going to have a really huge party. We have a couple hundred people at the company and we have been making a lot of money this year. Things are going extremely well. Right now I am looking to see what it costs to rent enough party buses for all of the people who are going to participate. I went to visit our party bus site this morning and then I tried to call up them to get them to give us a quote. In fact they did not seem to be eager to do that just right now. We knew that you are going to have to pay more for the party buses on New Year’s Eve. It is not going to be to easy to pin them down on a price this far ahead of time. The price depends a lot on the demand for what they have to offer.

In fact the party bus is a bit of a luxury in my opinion, because we are going to rent the ball room in a big down town hotel. When we get done with that everyone who is smart will have a room rented for the night. At least that is what makes the most sense. When you get done it is going to be really late at night and you will have been drinking if you drink. I used to get really bombed on New Year’s Eve, but I do not really do that sort of drinking any more. Still I am not going to drink any liquor and then get behind the wheel of a car. That just does not make any sense, but you do not need a party bus.

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