What is the Best Way to Learn Internet Marketing?

I have been thinking about how hard it would be for me to go out on my own, that is I am thinking about starting my own business. Of course I have a plan, but I am not quite sure how sound it really is. The big thing that I am worried about is marketing, and how to establish the business over the short term. I need to learn stuff like small business seo and Internet marketing for example. I am pretty sure that I could build a decent web page for the business, in fact I have made a couple of mock up’s already. It is not a simple matter, in fact I am thinking that the web page I could make is not really quite up to the job. You need to instill the belief that you are solid and trustworthy from the very first. People are going to be able to tell if you are doing it all on a shoe string budget. That is not going to impress them. In this business you have to be able to back it up, which is to say after you make a sale the next thing you have to do is to support the client. They are going to need a good deal of help and things are going to break. You have to be there to help them and that is going to need a reliable web page with security that is not going to be breached. I shall need to have an account for every client that is going to tell them exactly what they have on order and how long it is going to take to get them what they want. More to the point they are going to need to have a secure line of communication.

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