We Were Going to Lose Our Home

My husband and I were on top of the world just two years ago. Then, he was involved in an accident, and we realized just how much we were living beyond our means. We had always been able to pay our bills up to that point, but we had not been saving anything. We started getting calls from collection agencies within a couple of months, and we were in danger of losing our home. I did a search on foreclosure prevention in NYC because I knew that there were programs that are in place to help people.

Unfortunately, we fell through all of the cracks. Even though he was no longer working, my job paid well enough to not get us the help that we needed. It just didn’t pay well enough to keep our home! I was heartbroken, but I had to face reality. I decided to go out on our terms rather than the bank’s terms. That is why I contacted this company, because they had explained all about short sales, and it sounded like something that would benefit us a good bit. We would lose our home, no doubt, but we would not hurt our credit anymore, and we could possibly get back some of the money that we had put into the home too.

We made an appointment to talk to this company, and they explained the pros and cons of a short sales to us. The cons list was pretty small, considering we were going to lose our home no matter what. The pros list was pretty extensive though, and we had a lot more to gain than lose by going this route. My husband is recuperating now, and he will be able to go back to work soon. We are definitely not going to make the same mistake twice though, now that we have learned such a hard lesson.

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