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    Vet tech or vet assistant?
    im about to graduate high school and im thinking about either a vet tech or vet assistant. which would be better? would a vet rather have a vet tech or vet assistant if he had to just have one? which one is more needed? any advice would be great! thank you,

    Answer by James
    Vet Tech. Far more interaction with the animals.

  2. I really want to be a vet tech. However the closest school to me is about an hour and a half away. Also I work full time as a hairstylist. So, Ive considered doing an online degree which I could do and work. My question is, do veterinarians consider vet techs that have online degrees or would it be a waste of time and money. The online school Im thinking of enrolling in is Penn Foster. Thank you.

    P.S. vet techs, tell me what you did to become a tech?

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    Answer by Gen [<3 my animals]
    waste of time and money. you need the hands on experience. i had to go to a local 2 year school and have done a lot of volunteering. someone i work with is going to penn foster and acts like the biggest know-it-all because shes “smarter” than me (and most of the techs…or so she thinks) and she doesnt even have to work hard and she can go to an online school to get a degree… haha dont end up like that! if you are very serious about becoming a vet you can find a pre-vet program. however, it is hard work and to be accepted into vet school you have to pretty much maintain a 4.0. Remember, its not about the money. What do you LOVE to do? If you love doing hair then stick with it.

  3. Is it possible to get into vet school with a major in French and a minor in Biology?

    Answer by RoaringMice
    Vet schools dont care what you majored in, so long as you take all the vet school pre-req classes, and also do the required volunteer/vet type experiences. In fact, since so many applicants to vet school majored in either bio or animal science, Id say that your having majored in something they see less commonly, such as French, could help you a tiny bit.

    So major in what youd like. Just keep your GPA very high, take the right pre-vet classes, do the right volunteer work and related, meet with the pre-health/pre-med/pre-vet advisor on campus so you know youre on course, and go and be happy.