The Tree That Won’t Give Up

Some pretty interesting plant life likes to grow in my backyard, without my permission. Every spring, I always get a new batch of plants that try to pop up. Most of them are pesky weeds, while others are different kinds of trees that I’ve never seen before. There is one thing that is constant, and that’s one tree that tries to grow every year. No matter how many times I would cut it down, the tree would start growing again. I got so tired of it that I called Queens tree services to finally get rid of the thing once and for all.

The reason the tree kept growing back is because I didn’t do anything to prevent it from growing. Besides cutting it down, I had to do more to prevent its growth. Plants have the ability to regenerate when they are cut down, unless some kind of outside force weakens the plant and kills it off. People have made different chemicals that can do this, but there is also a natural option that people overlook, and it comes in the form of fungus. There are many varieties of fungus that feed on plants, and when the right one comes in contact with a plant, it can kill it for good.

The tree service identified the tree that was growing in my yard, cut it down, and used a grinder to shorten the stump. On the stump of the tree, they sprayed a fungal solution that would prevent anything else from growing on it. The solution goes so deep into the tree stump that it affects the root structure. The remnants of the tree will decompose over time and it will disappear into the soil. Now if only I could keep that pesky kudzu vine from growing on my fences.

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