1. what is the best scratch off to win of of. so you can win money on it. let me know ok.

    Answer by pdq
    Please let me explain how these scratch-off lottery tickets work. For every dollar you spend on these tickets, you should only expect to “win” back about 50 cents! So if you bought $ 100 worth of tickets, you would likely only find about $ 50 worth of “winners”.

    Im not sure if you understand this, so let me make it very clear – At a 50% payback rate, this easily makes buying these scratch tickets the WORST bet on the planet! No other standard bet comes even close to being as bad as lottery tickets.

    What is the “best” one? There is simply no such thing. Asking which is the best scratch off lottery ticket would be the same as asking which bully would be best to invite to a childs birthday party. Sure, once in a while folks might have a good time if youre lucky, but most of the time kids are just going to get their face mushed into the birthday cake.

  2. has anyone here won on the tripple million scratch card yet? and how much.

    Answer by street_light

  3. I would like to buy one, but I cant find the name, model or maker of them. Any ideas?
    I need the actual machine, not some one to make them for me.

    Answer by Spchan
    Up to my knowledge, the name of that machine is Scratch Off Card Printer

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    Scratch off ribbons available for many card printers

    The scratch off ribbon is a special ribbon which produces a grey color over a set of numbers, text, or barcodes that has already been printed on a card. Adding this feature to your cards allows the final user of the card to easily access hidden information printed on the card. This feature is ideal for covering a gift card value or a confidential code such as a login name and password. Many prepaid phone calling cards include a scratch off area to cover a PIN.

    Another application for scratch off cards is to provide a temporary login and password to a network. Internet cafes often use scratch off cards for internet access and length of time online.

    The scratch off area is set up within the print driver and in the card design software. You can select shapes and design the scratch off block that will cover the information you need to hide. The great thing about scratch off cards is that they can help you promote your company or services and draw attention to your products.

    Scratch off Cards are a fun way to raise money, promote a business and give out at parties. Here are step by step directions on how to make a scratch off card.

    Things Youll Need:

    * Card stock
    * Graphics program
    * Stickers
    * Printer
    * Computer

    Step 1
    Decide on the size of the scratch off card and purchase card stock from an office supply house. 3×5 (index card size) 4×6 (postcard size) are typical scratch off card sizes.

    Step 2
    Use a graphics program such as adobe illustrator or photoshop to design a scratch off card. Design your own or use free templates. TThe design should fit the card stock you have selected.

    Step 3
    Include at the top or bottom of the scratch off card information that relates to what you are promoting. For example if the scratch off cards are for a business, you would include the business name and address.

    Step 4
    Add a promotion to the card. The promotion will be written text offering a discount amount on products you are selling, opportunities to win cash, a prize etc. You can also use images. For example at a bridal party shower, the guest who scratches off a picture of wedding rings wins a prize.

    Step 5
    If you want a simple design, have one scratch off area per card. If you want something more involved incude more areas to scratch off as you make a scratch off card.

    Step 6
    Print the scratch off card on card stock.

    Step 7
    Cover each promotion area on the scratch off card with a scratch off sticker. You can purchase scratch off stickers inexpensively from other sources. Now your scratch off card is ready to use!

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