1. Rich & the Rhythm Roustabouts
    Event on 2014-04-17 21:15:00
    Doors at 8:00 pm
    Lesson at 8:15 pm
    Show at 9:15 pm

    Facebook Page

    Making their Ashkenaz debut, Rich & the Rhythm Roustabouts continue our "Swing in the Spring," the first Ashkenaz series devoted exclusively to swing dance music and lessons. Nine weeks! Nine bands! Each night begins with Nathan Dias of Swing or Nothing teaching a progressive Lindy Hop dance lesson series (for an additional charge; pre-registration and discounts available), followed by Karen and Michael leading a free beginner dance lesson and then the live band. The series wraps up with a Saturday night party on May 31!

    Led by guitarist Rich Werden, the Rhythm Roustabouts are a group of musicians working with the knowledge that jazz should be hot and swing should be hard-hitting. They celebrate the pulsing swing music of the 1920s and '30s, the fiery sound that came out of the cauldron of New Orleans, as well as the risqu ribaldry of Hot Jass and the stompin' swing of Harlem.

    at Ashkenaz
    1317 San Pablo Ave
    Berkeley, United States

  2. Rachel Brooke / The Mudflapps
    Event on 2014-06-10 20:00:00
    Rachel Brooke https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rachel-Brooke/194551752718 Incendiary young country singer and songwriter Rachel Brooke channels the darkest nights of American Southern music, pulling forth influences from raw, early country singing to Chicago blues greats, vintage New Orleans "jass" bands to old animated cartoons, all tied together in the framework of her old-fashioned melodies. It takes a peculiar vision to be able to unite these many different sounds, but Brooke's pulled off the most difficult task: she's created a new sound from a pastiche of old music without sounding derivative. Instead her music sounds incredibly fresh, sepia-toned perhaps with the vision of our distant past, but as rough-edged and hand-honed as the best of today's roots music. She's quite the paradox: a young songwriter who perfectly embodies the music of the American South, but who lives in the wilds of Northern Michigan. An artist who grew up with parents in a bluegrass band, but who spent her teen years raging away in an all-girl punk band. A shy, soft-spoken introvert whose wall- shaking voice has earned her a place at cutting- edge roots music festivals like Muddy Roots. An icon of underground country music who covers jazz greats like Fats Domino on her new record. But when you sing this well and play like hell, who do you have to answer to anyways? The Mudflapps The Mudflapps are a Chicago- based band that plays original acoustic music. Whether plugged-in on the big stage, or truly unplugged and unamplified, they give audiences a dose of country storytelling at its finest. The songs weave tales of woe, whiskey, and wild living into a mix of styles with nearly universal appeal. Sometimes it sounds like honky-tonk, sometimes more like bluegrass, sometimes more like jug band blues. It often sounds like nothing you've ever heard before. Upright bass, guitars, dobro, and mandolin combine with strong songwriting and tight vocal harmony to create a show fit for stages of any size.

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    at Uncommon Ground
    3800 N Clark Street
    Chicago, United States

  3. Elio Villafranca Jass Syncopators CD Release:Caribbean Tinge
    Event on 2014-06-15 21:30:00

    at Jazz At Lincoln Center
    Broadway and 60th Street
    New York, United States