1. Did all 17th century people hunt for witches or was it only puritans?

    Answer by tuffy
    This action occurred in Salem exclusively.

  2. the people who call themselves witches. what do they do, that makes them witches?

    Answer by Haller
    Witchs in myth use magic. Real witchs are just people with a diffrent religon

  3. Do you believe in witches? Why?

    Answer by Just Me.
    myth. No. why is because how can a person put a spell on somebody and have it work.

  4. I know plenty of vampires and werewolf romances, but not many about witches. Can anyone give me some good titles?

    Answer by COOLEY FAN!!
    Nora Roberts Three Sisters Island trilogy

  5. about 10 facts on witches?
    but nothing like they are ugly

    Answer by Boozella C
    Only one, no such thing tube.

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