I Was Invited to Apply for a Really Fun Job

When I met an employee at an event, he handed me a business car and told me to come view our Toronto Party Bus fleet sometime. He said that he would be happy to show me around. When I told him that I had previously been a transport driver for the airport, but had recently retired, he thought I might be a good fit for the company that he works at. He was right. I decided to apply for the position. It was even more fun than the job that I had worked at for 20 years.

I really liked meeting people from all over the country when I worked at our local airport. I liked night shifts the best because that is when people are the most talkative and friendly. When I had the morning shift, people were often rushed because they got up late and they were tired, too. But at night, people are far less rushed. Most of them are excited to talk about a trip they are coming back from or looking forward to getting home again. They would often talk to me about the fun things they did on their trip or the things they were looking forward to doing at home upon arrival. Some would show me photos of their spouses, kids or pets that they were returning to. I made a lot of nice tips at that job, too.

When I retired, I realized that I really missed it. Yet, I was not sure if I wanted to go back to the same place. Then, soon after that, I met the guy who worked at the party bus company. I decided to make a visit there one day and applied for a position. I got the job soon after, and I can say that it is even more fun to talk to happy customers every night while working for my new company.

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