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How do you make a purse?

  1. I have a bunch of pictures of Fall Out Boys Pete Wentz and i wanna know how to make a purse..thanks

    Answer by slw182
    Why dont you just buy one?

  2. were can u buy a designer purse under 200$ ? NOT a fake. thnxxx

    Answer by Steph
    You could get them second hand… Or a small clutch or something

  3. I have had it! am always switching purses and offloading stuff to go out at night, gym, meetings, etc. I am sick of this!

    Has any busy woman out there managed to happily stick with just one purse? What size or type is it??? Do you carry a second bag for bulkier items like laptop, coffee mug, ballet slippers, spare sunglasses, etc?

    Do you carry a purse within a purse and the smaller one is for evenings?

    Does your wallet fit into your evening purse or are you constantly switching things around?

    Just Friday night I scrambled to put a few essentials into a small evening purse and now I cant find anything. Ive had it!

    How do I get into the mindset of just one purse?

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    Answer by NICOLE
    i only carry one purse. its a small liz clariborne one, something like that. its cute. i think its a good size for me. for evening bags maybe you can get a wristlet, coach has some really cute ones. they are small enough to hold your phone and some money. you dont need to bring your whole house with you in your purse