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A handful Superb handbag Imagery

  1. Handmade crochet handbag
    Image by cdnbusiness
    Handbag crochet with aluminum soda pop tops

  2. Charming Handbag
    Image by Britt Willis
    A very cute handbag for little Kailee! Shes so stylish, right? At 4 years of age, she loves the color pink and also skulls, which is why this is lined with pink Day of the Dead fabric.

    Update: my cousin said Kailee insists this is a carrier for her Nintendo DS.


  3. Montauk Crochet Handbag Pattern
    Image by NexStitch
    Pattern can be downloaded from here: www.nexstitch.com/pat_montauk.html

    The Montauk Handbag is quite versatile for the everyday gal who doesnt have time to change bags daily. Throw some sun tan lotion, sunglasses, and a towel in and head off to the beach. Use it at the Farmers Market to buy fresh produce as this bag can handle a lot of weight! Or pair it with your favorite sundress for brunch with friends.

    Skill Level:
    This crochet handbag pattern is listed at an intermediate skill level and is created using traditional crochet techniques. Buyer needs to have an understanding of single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet stitches to create this bag. Linked stitches and short rows are used, but explained through step-by-step photo guides. Any additional sewing directions or finishing techniques are demonstrated with pictures, diagrams, and illustrations as well.

    Directions are given in both step-by step and easy printing format. Choose which way works best for you. Links to free crochet video tutorials are imbedded in the pattern! Additionally, since gauge isnt crucial, this bag can be created using any heavy worsted weight yarn for a different effect, so feel free to experiment.