Finding Focus and Stability at Work

I’ve been renting a little office on the west side for about two months now after recognizing that my work was beginning to suffer at home. Diagnosed with ADHD with a terrible of habit of becoming easily distracted even with the proper medication in me, I found my work would only become accomplished at the zero hour. Wanting to break myself of this habit I forced myself to rent an office place where I could seclude myself with my work and no distractions. This also meant hiring an office cleaner in Danbury CT to help me keep focus on the tasks at hand.

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m not the best cleaner. My own home could probably use a deep scrubbing or two. However, I did hire them in part due to my need to want to stay focused. At home I would often use cleaning as some sort of diversionary tactic to not do work. I’d spend an hour or two sweeping and mopping, idly bustling about here and there dusting just to find more ways to avoid work! This way I at least am being forced to focus on work while removing another distraction I might have used against myself.

It’s terrible having ADHD sometimes. Even with the medication that I’m on I’ll find myself instead wandering off to do whatever it is I rather be doing instead of what I should be doing. Heck, sometimes it’s not that I even ‘rather’ do it – I’m just impulsively avoiding work at all costs. I wish there was some way that I could program my brain not to think like this but I cannot control the rush of thoughts that circulate through my mind or the impulsive that carry me away from my desk and off to some other inane task.

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