Best Anal Toys for Starters

My wife and I want to experiment some in the bedroom because it seems that our sex routine has gotten a bit stale and that needs to change. We want to try out some new things that we have not done before, and I have some things in mind. I want to buy some anal toys to try to introduce her to anal sex. She has been reluctant to try it in the past, and I want to be very careful when introducing it to her, as to not sour her on the idea going forward.To that end, I am going to need to buy some toys to help introduce it. I want to get a few of them, of various sizes, and for starters, I am going to need something that is pretty small. That will be the first thing that we try to use, so that it does not hurt anymore than possible.

I know she is not going to want to try to do anymore if it starts hurting, and so that is one of the main reasons why I have to be so careful.I also want to check out some other toys, because just adding one thing to our sex repoitoire is not going to be enough to fix our problems in the bedroom. It seems lately that sex is almost becoming a chore for us, and that is definitely not a good thing. I do not want it to lose its passion, because we could end up not having sex at all if things do not get better. That is not a result that I want to reach. So I am going to bhuy the anal toys and maybe a few other things to try to spice things up and make it more fun for us.

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