American soldiers gambling in Brisbane, 1943

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  1. American soldiers gambling in Brisbane, 1943
    sports game
    Image by State Library of Queensland, Australia
    Photographer: Unidentified

    Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

    Drop By Publishing Campaign on the topic of fAnduel :

    Description: View from above of American soldiers playing craps, a gambling game with dice. The men are gathered in a circle around the money.

    View this image at the State Library of Queensland:
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  2. Soccer
    sports game
    Image by -bartimaeus-
    Well, soccer was the last agme I saw, and it was just a little bit of it.
    I dotn like soccer very much, it is kind of boring…
    Japanese and foreigners find me weird: a Brazilian that doesnt like soccer… Unbelieavable!

    Anyways, we went back to school late in the afternoon and there we learned later that our school won the game.

    Love beeing there… I wanna go and see the Olimpcs next!

  3. Arrival
    sports game
    Image by -bartimaeus-
    I love this photo… Just too much luck! I like their expression that says "No, I am the first, not you! Look!" and at the same time "Am I the first?"…

    If I am not wrong, the yellow shirted one won.
    One of the last games I saw.

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