Unless breeding is in your dog’s future, make sure he or she is spayed or neutered before six months of age. This should coincide with the beginning of obedience classes. A dog that is fixed will be more willing to learn. You and your pet will enjoy a longer and happier life together.

When training your dog, the first and most important thing that you train your dog is to respect you and your family. If they feel that they can get away with disrespecting you, they will ultimately be impossible to train. You must start here and move on to other habits and tricks next. It is easier to train a dog if you reward him. When training your dog, reinforce good behavior with praise. As he is learning a new command, reward him with positive reinforcements, such as games and walks. The golden rule to follow is that the good behavior produces the reward and not the reward produces the good behavior. Congratulations on your new pet! Training should begin immediately after you have gotten home with your new pet. Proper training can make the experience much more enjoyable for yourself and your pet. These tips will make it easy to train your dog in just the right way.

When someone enters your house, do not be afraid to tell them the best way to interact with your dog. This type of behavior can lead to your dog misbehaving by jumping on people or your dog attempting to establish dominance.